Product of Our Environment

We are a product of our environment.

Our environment molds us, shapes us, and changes us.

In some cases it’s for the better. In other cases it’s for the worse.

Be careful who we surround ourselves with, who we listen to, and what we consume.

As a constant drip erodes rock, our environment slowly influences us over time.

Be aware. We can easily fall into the rabbit hole without even realizing it.

Highest Self

Our highest self demands we are different people in different places in different phases.

Our highest self is not static but dynamic.

Our highest self lives in a constant state of evolution and transformation.

Although we are the same person on the outside, we are completely different inside.

Change is constant. As life changes, learn from it and change with it. Constantly update, upgrade, and adapt.

Learn from Everything, Including Tennis

I’m watching the French Open.

Here are a few things I’ve learned in the brief amount of time I’ve been watching:

  1. Get over your last shot. Forget about it. Get out of your own head. Don’t let one bad shot lead to another.
  2. Don’t let your opponent see you shaken. Sharks see blood in the water. Don’t be the prey. Stay composed.
  3. The cream rises to the top. The best find a way to win.

I don’t have to. I get to.

I don’t have to wake up at 4:30 AM to run.
I get to wake up at 4:30 AM to run.

I don’t have to run marathons.
I get to run marathons.

Change how you look at things. Change your mindset. Change your life.

First 70 mile week since April.

Same Old Same Old

Same old same old.

Same old thoughts same old actions.

Same old actions same old results.

If you want to change your life, change your thoughts and your actions.

Pride Month, Loving Day

It’s Pride Month. It’s Loving Day.

I support you.

I don’t want anybody telling me what to do.

I won’t tell anybody what to do.

You choose. The choice is yours.

Love is love. Love who you love. Love who you want.

Don’t judge anybody until you walk a day in their shoes.

Do your thing. I got your back. ✌🏼❤️

The Good Old Days

One day we’ll look back at today.

Make today one of those days that in the future we refer to as the good old days.

The good old days start with living today.

Soft and Tough

I’m empathetic and compassionate. I also will push you and challenge you.

I love soft. I also love tough.

I care about you and how you feel. I also know you’re capable of better and more.