The Right Thing

We are not always rewarded for doing the right thing.

It’s still the right thing.

We will be rewarded one way or another one day or another.

We Care

You know you care about somebody when you naturally go out of your way for them without even thinking.

It’s automatic. They’re at the top of your mind. You think about them often. You genuinely want to help them.

Free to Choose

Don’t pressure others. Don’t force others. Don’t try to control others.

Don’t try to convince others. Don’t try to persuade others. Don’t try to influence others.

Free to choose. Free to decide.

Let others make their own choices and decisions.

Then watch, listen, and observe.

See how others think. See how others feel. See how others act. See what others believe. See where others stand.

Alone or Together

I’d rather be alone than be around the wrong people, but I’d rather be around the right people than be alone.

“Why you always in a mood?”

What I read affects my mood. What I listen to affects my mood. What I watch affects my mood.

Who I’m around affects my mood. Where I am affects my mood. What I hear affects my mood. What I see affects my mood.

Selectively choose what we consume. Selectively choose our environment. It affects us. It affects our lives.

Values, Focus, Priorities

I value what I focus on. I focus on what I value.

I value my priorities. I prioritize what I value.

Upgrade Problems

Life is not about getting rid of problems.

Life is about upgrading our problems and creating more meaningful problems.

Proactive, Preventative

I had a great five weeks of training.

I decided to take the past two days off from running.

Not because I was hurt or injured.

Because I want to be proactive. Because I want to be fresh, healthy, and strong. Because I want to be fully recovered.

Take preventative measures. Do it before we need to.

Unlearn, Undo

We spend so much time learning.

Learn how to unlearn.

Spend time unlearning. Spend time unraveling and undoing.

Not everything we learned is true. Not everything we learned is right. Not everything we learned is serving us and the world.

Get back to a more natural state. Get back to who we are at our core.

Think independently. Think for ourselves.

Establish our own set of beliefs and values.