Our Own Fairy Tale

Life is not make-believe.

We can act, play, and pretend all we want.

That doesn’t make it real.

Somebody else’s fairy tale and happily ever after is not our reality.

That’s their life not ours.

There’s no trading places.

There’s no escaping reality.

Stop wasting our lives trying to live somebody else’s life.

Accept our reality.

Accept our life the way it is.

Better ourselves.

Do better for ourselves.

Better our life.

Better our reality.

If we never give up maybe one day we’ll live our own fairy tale.

Your Own

Keep your eye on your own ball.

Play your own way.

Keep your eye on your own prize.

Who cares what everybody else is doing?

Do what works for you.


I’m not looking for the next best thing.

I don’t buy into fads.

I don’t fall for gimmicks.

I don’t get caught up in the hype.

I don’t care.

I’m looking for the things that work.

I’m looking for the tried-and-true.

I’m looking for the things that have stood the test of time.

I’m a fundamentalist.


I’m not fancy.

I prefer simplicity to complexity.

I’m a fundamentalist.

The fundamentals work for me.

Keep it simple.

Adhere to the fundamentals.

Practice the fundamentals.

Repeat the fundamentals.

Master the fundamentals.

It doesn’t have to be pretty.

You just have to be gritty.

It doesn’t have to be sexy and glamorous.

You just have to consistently show up.

The fundamentals work.

Stick with the fundamentals.

It’s How Much We Care

It’s not what we know.

It’s not how much we know.

It’s how much we care.

It doesn’t matter if we know everything in the world if we don’t care.

People care about how much we care about them.

People care about how we treat them and make them feel.

Show people how much we care.

Make sure they know it and feel it.

Care more than everybody else.

Show How Much You Care

If we’re lazy and take a mass cookie-cutter approach, we’ll get a similar response.

Be thoughtful, strategic, and creative.

Put effort into it.

Show how much we care.

We Get What We Give

If we don’t put much effort into something, don’t expect much in return.

We get what we give.

The Key to Getting What We Want Is Asking

The key to getting what we want is asking for it.

We’re scared to ask.

Have the courage to ask.

We’re too proud to ask.

Put our pride aside.

Ask for what we want.

My Faith Is Like My Body

My faith is like my body,

I like to keep it strong,

I know I can lean on it,

When something goes wrong.

I Have Faith

I don’t know exactly where I’m going,

I’m still figuring it out,

I know I’ll get there,

Without a doubt.

I want to get there already,

But it’s not a race,

This is my journey,

I have faith that I’ll end up in the right place.