Want to be happier?

Say yes to what you want.

Say no to what you don’t want.

Say yes to what makes you happy.

Say no to what doesn’t make you happy.

Don’t overcomplicate it. Give yourself permission to be happy.

Options and Opportunities

Keep our options open.

Life constantly changes.

Be flexible.

An opportunity of a lifetime could present itself at any given moment.

Be ready for it.

Holistic Approach to Wellness

Health and fitness is not just about our body. It’s also about our mind.

Health and fitness is about moving and functioning properly.

It’s also about our thoughts, attitude, mentality, and mindset.

Health and fitness is about living an overall better quality of life.

Let’s upgrade our mind and body together at the same time.

Intentions Matter

Be good because we want to be good.

Do good because we want to do good.

And do it because it feels good and we genuinely want to.

That’s the only incentive we need.

Do it for the right reasons – not for show, not to impress others, not for attention, not for praise, and not for publicity.

The only validation we need is self-validation.

What’s in it for me?

Be good to people all the time, not just when we want something and need something.

Have good intentions. Be pure.

Give without expecting something in return.

Give and help because we want to, not because there is something in it for us and it will benefit us.

Have no hidden agendas, secret motivations, and ulterior motives.

Be a constant through the ups and downs.

Show up. Be true. Be good.

Titles are made up. Human beings are real.

No matter what title we may have, remember, we are human beings first.

We wouldn’t even be able to have a title if we weren’t human beings.

No matter what title we may have, be a good fellow human being.

Titles are made up. Human beings are real.


1. Take care of myself.

2. Take care of my loved ones.

3. Be a good human and positively contribute to civilization.

4. Everything else.

Peace and Love

No matter what race we are,

No matter what gender we are,

No matter what our spiritual views are,

No matter what our sexual preferences are,

No matter where we’re from and where we live, and

No matter what our political views,

We are all human beings.

Treat each other with dignity and respect.

Respect other cultures and embrace our differences.

Stop pinning each other against each other. We all are living human beings.

Less fighting. More peace. More love.

Gap Year

Is it acceptable for an adult to take a gap year?

Asking for a friend.

I Love You

Why do we bottle up our feelings when we can freely express our love?

Life can be short. Express our love to our loved ones – with words and actions.