Change, Evolve, Adapt

We can try to live in the past, or we can live in the present day.

Let go of what was and embrace what is.

Times change. Keep up, or get left behind.

Accept today as it is, not as you wish it was.


Be a puller, not a pusher.

Pull people together, don’t push them apart.

Just Love

Whether you hug me or punch me, I still love you.

If you try to hurt me, I will stick up for myself and protect myself, but I still love you.

I’m full of love no matter what. I have love for you no matter what. I’m all love.

Love all. Love everybody. No exceptions. Just love.

Love with Open Arms

The black man in the photo is my sister’s fiancé.

He would do anything for my sister and my family. He already has.

He has stuck up for us and protected us. He has loved my family and taken care of us.

He would be there for us any place, any time, any where. He would give his shirt of off his back. He’s kind, respectful, soft-spoken, and gentle.

He is family. We love him and care about him.

Give others a chance. Get to know them. You just may find family and love.

Put first things, first.

By the end of the day, we’re tired.

We may get tied up at work.

We may go to dinner or happy hour.

We may be busy and have other commitments, obligations, and responsibilities.

That’s why I believe in working out first thing in the morning.

My health and fitness are priorities. My workouts are a priority

Priorities come first. I do what’s most important to me first. I do what matters to me first.

I am a priority. My life is a priority. Everybody and everything else can wait.

Do yourself a favor and put first things, first.

Set Boundaries and Protect Yourself

Sometimes me must be used, abused, taken advantage of, and walked all over before we learn to stand up for ourselves and stick up for ourselves.

Take a lesson from me. Learn from my mistake.

Set boundaries and protect yourself, and do it sooner rather than later.

Time Together

Spending more time together can do one of two things:

It can pull us closer together or push us further apart.

Protect Our Energy

Be careful with our energy. It’s limited. Don’t give it all away.

Others will take it, use it, and completely drain us if we let them. Don’t let others suck the life out of us.

Our energy is ours. Use it how we please. Use it on our priorities.

After we’re taken care of, designate a piece for others.

Our energy drives us. It’s our fuel. Conserve it. We need it to live a meaningful and purposeful life.

Love is the answer.

We can’t change people.

We can’t change people who don’t see a problem with their behavior.

We can’t force people to listen. We can’t force people to change.

We can educate and inform others. We can teach others. We can share our perspective. We can share our thoughts and feelings. We can share our stories and experiences.

We can love others. We can always love others.

We can spread love. We can promote peace. We can lead by example.

We can be kind. We can always be kind.

There’s no place in this world for hate.

We can try to extinguish hatred by consistently, continuously, and constantly loving and spreading love. We can be persistent and never let up.

Love all people – not just people who look like you, act like you, walk like you, and talk like you. Love is the answer. Be the love. Spread the love.

Have a Heart

I will be understanding, gracious, and compassionate to others when they make mistakes.

I make mistakes and want others to be understanding, gracious, and compassionate to me when I do.