Free to Choose

We are free to choose, but every choice comes with potential consequences.

When making decisions, think about potential consequences, and be prepared to deal with them.

Do what we believe to be right.

Then let the chips fall where they may.

Activity and Social Activity

We are social creatures.

We like being together and hanging out with each other.

Many times being social means eating and drinking. Most social events involve food and drinks.

There are other ways to be social. We can be social in constructive, positive ways.

Walking is a great social activity. We can talk with our friends while exercising. We can get so caught up in conversation that we don’t even realize we’re moving.

The same goes for riding bikes or doing other workouts together.

Be social in a variety of ways. Mix it up.

The next time we get together, let’s go for a walk.

Stand Up, Stick Up

What are the consequences for standing up against racism and standing up for black people?

Racist people won’t like you?

Your racist employer will fire you?

You’ll lose racist clients and customers?

Stand up for what’s right. Stick up for others.

Let what we have in common unite us.

I see color. I see black and white.

I choose to look beyond it. I choose to look below the surface. I choose to see minds, hearts, and souls.

We’re all human beings. We’re all living creatures. We all have the same needs. We all need air, food, water, and sleep. We all have feelings and emotions.

Other than the color of our skin, we are the same.

Think about that.

We are the same other than the color of our skin.

That means we have way more in common than not. Don’t let one difference separate us. Let what we have in common unite us.

We are equal. We are in this world together.

Come together.

Love ALL people.

Escape from Reality

We’re constantly searching for pleasure, entertainment, fun, mindless activity, and an escape from reality.

Live a life of contentment and peace. Live a life we don’t need to escape from.

Be Aware

See everything. Hear everything.

Most of it is a distraction. It’s stopping us from living the life we want to live. It’s taking time away from our priorities and what matters.

Ignore most of it. Pay attention to little. Engage with little.

Be aware, but don’t get distracted. Don’t waste precious time and energy. Stay focused on what’s important.

Push While Staying in My Own Lane

I don’t believe in average. I don’t believe in the status quo. I don’t believe in going through the motions.

I believe in learning, growing, and improving. I believe in living a meaningful and purposeful life.

I have a fire burning deep inside. I have energy and motivation. I live with passion.

I understand not everybody is like that.

Here’s the thing.

I don’t want others to settle. I want others to see their potential. I want others to invest in themselves and take a chance on themselves. I want others to chase their dreams. I want others to live a better quality of life. I want others to know change is possible.

These are things I want for others, but it’s not my life.

I push others because I know they’re capable and know they can make it happen.

But it doesn’t matter what I want. It matters what they want.

If others are content and happy, that’s all that matters.

Together We Can

One of the hardest things for me to do is look somebody in the eyes and say no.

Especially when they are in need and need help. Especially when nobody else will help them and they have nobody else to turn to.

I want to help everybody in this world. I have a heart. I care. I love people.

I am only one person. I have limited resources. I have limited time and money.

No matter how bad we want to and how hard we try, we will never be able to help everybody and save everybody.

I’m out here trying to survive and live, too.

As much as it hurts and as bad as it feels, all we can do is try our best to help as many people as we can and give it our all.

Everybody chip in. Do your part. Carry some weight. Everybody help one person. Together we can help a lot of people and save a lot of people.

Control Our Emotions

Being emotionally charged means we care and we’re passionate.

Capture the energy. Bottle it up. Put it to good use. It’s fuel and motivation. Don’t waste it.

Channel our emotions and energy into something constructive and positive. Use them to drive change.

Remember to control our emotions and not let them control us.

Authentic Human Connection

We are human beings first, professionals second.

Sometimes professionals come off as inauthentic.

They talk over our heads, use big words we don’t understand, and try to sound smarter than us, better than us, and above us.

Turnoff. Nonsense.

I want to talk with a down-to-earth human who doesn’t try too hard.

You don’t have to show me how much you know. Let your professional skills do the talking.

Remember, we are human beings first, professionals second. Let’s first connect as equals. Let’s first talk as humans. If that goes well, the rest will take care of itself.