Change It or Accept It

Whatever is bothering you,
whatever is on your mind,
whatever is keeping you up at night,
whatever is stealing your peace,
face it.

If you can change it,
change it.

If you can’t change it,
accept it and move on.

Walk Away

Find a way to release anger without fighting people, hurting others, and causing others harm.

Let the anger go. Let it out. Just not on others.

Why are we so quick to fight over nothing?

Take it out on the pavement, machines, or punching bag, not on human beings.

People get mad at each other and try hurt each other over frivolous things.

Channel the anger and negative emotions into something constructive.

There’s nothing tough about fighting over a situation that could be avoided.


Excel at things that matter.

If we excel at things we don’t like and don’t enjoy, are we really excelling in the grand scheme of life?

I want to excel at things I care about and that are important to me.

When the things we do on a daily basis align with what we value and what makes us happy, we’re excelling.

Fat and Weight, Calories and Physical Activity

There are two ways to lose weight and fat.

1. Cut calories

-Restrict and deprive

2. Increase physical activity

-More food

-More exercise and moving

-More fuel and energy for workouts

-Eat delicious foods

Here’s my take:

I’ve eaten a restrictive diet and deprived myself of food for many years. I still struggle and fight the battle daily. When I restrict and deprive myself, I feel weak, tired, anxious, and depressed. I have no energy, can’t focus, can’t think clearly, and can’t function properly.

I prefer to eat more food and calories so I have energy to run and train.

Food is fuel.

When I eat enough, I have energy to build endurance and strength. I feel better during my workouts, perform better, and am stronger. I also have more energy for normal daily activities and sleep better.

I want to be fit and strong.

Not eating enough and not training is not the answer. We need physical activity.

We can’t out train a bad diet.

Find the right balance and combination for you.

Focus on the Right Place

Digging at the success of others does not and will not make us successful.

Focus on becoming successful ourselves rather than digging away at others.

The Battleground

Life is not us versus others.

Life is us versus ourselves and us versus our minds.

Win the battles in our minds so we can win in our lives.

Threats and Ultimatums

I don’t believe in threats and ultimatums.

I believe in openly and honestly communicating our thoughts and expressing our feelings.

If others love us or care about us, they’ll listen, try to understand, and willingly make it right.

If they don’t, the relationship may not be meant to be.

Good Intentions

We may think we know what’s best for others and think we’re helping them, but in reality we may be creating resentment and pushing them away.

Keep Working

When we feel down on ourselves, remember life can change fast.

It only takes one thing to drastically change our life.

No self-pity. Just keep working.