Have Your Cake and Eat it Too

You can’t have it all they say.

That’s a lie we’ve been fed by people who don’t have it all.

That’s a lie we’ve been fed by people who gave up on their dreams

Why can’t we have it all?

Why not?

Who said?

I don’t have it all.

I believe we can have it all.

I say we can have it all.

I believe we can have anything we want.

Don’t let others put a damper on our desires and tell us what’s possible and what’s not.

Don’t let others rain on our parade and tell us what’s obtainable and what’s not.

Don’t let a common misconception stop us from dreaming and believing.

Have an imagination. Have your cake and eat it too.

A Million Miles

Being a million miles away can be overwhelming.

We feel like we’ll never get there.

Don’t let being a million miles away stop you from starting the journey.

Delaying the start delays the time of arrival.

We will get there.

Conquer the first mile. Conquer one mile at a time thereafter.

But First, Live, Breathe, and Believe

Live it and breathe it before committing to it.

Truly believe in it and fully commit to it or don’t commit at all.

If we’re not excited and enthused from the get-go, what makes us think we’ll be excited and enthused weeks, months, and years down the road?


I Don’t Make My Bed

I do not make my bed.

Making my bed is not important to me.

To me, it’s a waste of time and energy.

It adds no value to my life.

What’s the reason? What’s the purpose?

I’d rather use that time and energy to do something I care about.

I do wash my bedding once a week. The bed gets made neatly then.

The Buck Stops Here

In the past, I blamed my lack of career success on external factors.

I pointed fingers. I blamed others. I blamed the situation and circumstances. I made excuses.

You know what?

I let it happen. I made choices. I chose certain work and to join certain organizations. I made bad decisions. I chose my path.

I am the common denominator. I was the problem.

I could have done things differently, but I didn’t. So now I learn from them.

There’s no doubt our environment matters and external factors can make us or break us, but the buck stops here.

I made my bed and have to lie in it.


We all need breaks from life.

We need breaks from the daily grind.

We need breaks from commitments and obligations.

We need breaks from pressure and stress.

Take a break. Step away from the chaos.

Rest. Relax. Repair. Recover. Recharge. Rejuvenate.

Come back with a clear mind and fresh body.

Come back stronger and better.

Come back with more excitement, energy, and enthusiasm.

Slow down to speed up.

Settling Is Surrendering

There are times I think about quitting, giving up, and settling.

Settling is the path of least resistance.

Settling is surrendering. Settling is acknowledging defeat. Settling is raising the white flag on our dreams. Settling is saying I’m not good enough to win.

Settling is easy and quick.

I know settling won’t make me happy.

Settling will raise questions and lead to regret.

Don’t take the easy way out. Do the hard thing. Take the road less traveled.

Think long-term. Make sacrifices. Delay gratification. Make progress. We will be rewarded with a life full of fulfillment and happiness.

May We All

May we all make plenty of money.

May we enjoy the work we do.

May we save and invest wisely.

May we be healthy, happy, and fulfilled while doing it.

Whole Different Side of Me

I have minimal anger in me.

I don’t have a mean bone in my body.

Hate is almost nonexistent inside.

I’m a lover not a fighter.

But mess with my loved ones, hurt my loved ones, and disrespect my loved ones, and that will bring out the fighter in me. That will bring out the protector. That will bring out a whole different side of me.

Please don’t mess with my loved ones. We don’t mess with you.