Success Is

Success is succeeding and helping others succeed simultaneously.

Live Frugally

I believe in living frugally.

I believe in occasionally splurging.

Everything in moderation.

We waste. We overdo it. We live in excess.

Constantly wanting and consuming is a vicious cycle.

When we live frugally, we appreciate splurging. Splurging gives us something to look forward to.

Go without. Live below our means. Practice abstinence. Exercise discipline. Practice self-control.

It keeps life interesting and exciting.

Live humbly. Live simply. Live frugally.

The magic is in sticking out.

Embrace our humanness, personality, and quirkiness.

Without it, we’re a commodity – the same as everybody else.

We try so hard to be the same and fit in.

The magic is in sticking out.

Bring Out the Best

Bring out the best in others, and surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you.


If being a millennial means having my own values and beliefs, living my life my own way, and challenging outdated thoughts and practices, then I’m proud to be a millennial.

We don’t have to believe everything we’ve been taught. We don’t have to eat everything shoved down our throats.

Think independently. Think freely. Think for yourself.

Do you. This is your life. Live your way. Create your own customs, norms, standards, and rules.

Satisfy Cravings

Satisfy our cravings or else.

Satisfy our cravings or we will drive ourselves crazy.

Sometimes we can make healthy substitutes. Sometimes it works.

Sometimes healthier options do the trick. Other times they don’t.

Lately I’ve been trying to drink sparkling flavored water when I’m craving a pop or something other than water.

Today I was craving a pop, so I drank a pop.

I knew a sparkling water wasn’t going to cut it today.

Sometimes we just have to satisfy our cravings.

Satisfy and move on. Everything in moderation.

P.S. Pop is a guilty pleasure.

Own Our Weak

Acting strong when we are weak is weak.

Acknowledging our weak is strong.

Being strong is strong.

Own our weak. Dig deep. Push through it. It will inspire others.


The plan is to live.

Plans to Make Plans

Making plans to make plans?

When you’re busy making plans, be sure to scribble in living.

Make living part of the plan.