Results follow the right activities.

Don’t focus on the results.

Focus on doing the right activities.

Do the right activities.

Results will follow.

Results follow the right activities.

Results are a product of doing the right activities.

Injuries Are A Risk We Take

When it comes to athletics, injuries come with the territory.

Injuries are a part of sports.

Injuries are a part of the process.

Athletes must accept the fact that injuries happen.

Athletes must muster up the courage to train and compete.

Like anything in life, we can manage the risk and reduce the risk.

But if we want to play the game, we have to accept some level of risk.

I Ran Scared

In the past, I ran scared.

I ran not to get injured.

I didn’t want to get injured because I didn’t want to not be able to do something I love doing everyday.

I limited myself.

If we want to continue getting better at something, we most likely will have to take some risks.

We most likely will have to lay it on the line and take some chances.

I’ve slowly been building up courage.

I’ve been facing my fears.

And I’m being rewarded for my efforts.

When we stop being scared and start facing our fears we open the door to new possibilities.

We have two risks:

We risk staying the same.

We risk something not going according to plan while we go for it.

I don’t want to stay the same.

I want to get better.

I’m going for it.

How about you?

Prepare for Tomorrow

Prepping coffee the night before makes my morning easier.

All I have to do is turn the coffee pot on.

When I forget to do it, I pay in the morning.

A smoother today starts with yesterday’s preparation.

Prepare today for an easier tomorrow.

Be a little bit unrealistic.

The realistic person probably didn’t think flying was possible.

The realistic person probably didn’t think going to outer space was possible.

The realistic person probably didn’t think running under a two hour marathon was possible.

By all means, be realistic.

But be too realistic and you could limit yourself.

Dream a little bit more.

Dream a little bit bigger.

Think a little bit bigger.

Aim a little bit higher.

Stretch the imagination.

Be a little bit unrealistic.

Do the Uncomfortable, Hard, Painful Thing

Speedwork is hard.

Speedwork is painful.

But if I want to become a better runner, speedwork is something I need to do.

Do the thing that is uncomfortable until it becomes comfortable.

Don’t run away from it.

Do it.

Do the hard thing.

That’s how we grow.

We Can Be Anything and Live Any Way

I’m traditional in ways.

I’m untraditional in others.

That’s the cool thing about life.

We don’t have to be one thing.

We don’t have to live one way.

We can be anything.

We can live any way.

Relentless Pursuit

If we want to get better at something, we have to practice a lot and do it a lot over an extended period of time.

We don’t get better at what we occasionally do.

We get better at what we regularly and consistently do.

The progress, growth, benefits, results, and rewards are in the continuous and constant action.

How serious are you?

Will you relentlessly pursue?

The Best

People in the world who are the best at what they do have been doing it for a long time.

We don’t become the best at anything overnight.

We become the best at something through years and years of practice, training, and work.

Time to Develop

Most things in life take time to develop.

Relationships take time to develop.

Careers take time to develop.

Businesses take time to develop.

Our bodies and minds take time to develop.

Our lives take time to develop.

Be patient with the process.