Get It All Out

I’m like the crying person who keeps crying and won’t stop crying.

We tell the person to keep crying and get it all out.

I’m not crying.

I am getting it all out.

I’m relieving myself.

I’m releasing everything I’ve held onto for far too long.

Not until I get it out will I feel better.

My Way

I don’t want to do it how everybody else does it.

I want to do it my way.

I don’t want to make it how everybody else makes it.

I want to make it my way.

There are many extraordinary people doing extraordinary things. That’s admirable. Good for them. But I’m not them. I’m me.

I crave building, creating, expression, and freedom.

High Standards, Hard Lives

We all have different standards.

The higher the standard the harder the life – and potentially more rewarding.

Do the Work

The work won’t show up overnight, but it will show up.

If we stick with it long enough, the work will be realized.

The work is the way.

The work will pay.

Numbers Game

Think plenty of thoughts.
Think plenty of ideas.
Connect with plenty of people.
Do plenty of things.
Take plenty of action.

Something good is bound to happen.

Something is bound to stick.

Sometimes it’s a numbers game.

Work Smarter

Work smarter.

I spend time thinking about these 3 things:

  1. Resourcefulness – Make the best and most of our resources. Figure it out. Connect the dots. Put the pieces together. See the big picture and tie it together.
  2. Ingenuity – Be clever and creative. Use our imagination. Think outside the box.
  3. Leverage – Play to our strengths. Use our assets, resources, time, money, knowledge, experiences, and information wisely, efficiently, and effectively. Use our skills and talents. Use our network and connections. Bring people together.

Maybe I Have All of the Pieces

I just had an epiphany.

I’ve been looking for missing pieces.

What if I already have all of the pieces.

What if there aren’t missing pieces.

Maybe I’m wasting my time looking for pieces that don’t even exist.

What if I stop looking and spend more time working on putting the pieces I have together.

Maybe we already have everything we need.

Stop playing an endless game of hide and seek.

Focus on the resources we have.

Put it all together.

Are you ready to rumble?

I thought life was going to be easy.

I thought most things in life were going to come easy.

I was wrong.

I was unprepared.

Nothing is easy.

Everything in life is a fight.

Life’s going to be a fight until the end.

Are you ready to rumble?