It Hurts So Good

A couple days ago I lifted heavier weight than usual and added a new move.

I’m still sore.

I haven’t felt soreness in these places in a while – maybe never.

That means I tried something new and did something different.

It means I stepped out of my comfort zone and pushed myself.

I had the courage to try and was willing to be a beginner and look silly.

When I finish a run I feel a good tired.

When I finish working I feel a good tired.

Similarly, this is a good soreness.

I feel productive.

I feel invigorated and fulfilled.

It feels like I did something nice and good for myself.

Who would’ve thought being tired and sore could feel so good?

Hole in One

Keep aiming for the stars.

You just may land there.

I doubt any golfer has ever made a hole in one on their first hole ever played.

I’d bet there are some highly talented, highly skilled golfers out there who have never made a hole in one.

I’d also bet there are some average and below average golfers out there who have made a hole in one.

Talent is important.

Skill is important.

So is luck.

Keep stepping up to the tee box.

Keep swinging.

Every hole you play and every shot you hit you increase your chances of hitting a hole in one.

If you play enough holes and hit enough shots you just may hit a hole in one.

Some things are a numbers game.

Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.

Whether you’re a professional or do it for leisure, you have a chance.

Keep playing.

Keep hitting shots.

One day you just may get that ace.

There’s no doubt a highly skilled golfer will hit more greens and be closer to the pin more often.

But remember it only takes one.

Where do you go? Oblivion.

Somebody recently asked me where I go when I’m running.

At first I thought the person meant physically.

I started telling the person where I run.

The person meant where I go mentally.

I didn’t have a great answer at the time.

I gave the normal mental toughness spiel.

I’m still not exactly sure where I go when running long distances.

I’m still figuring that out.

Here’s where I go when I run a 5K:


If my vision isn’t blurry I’m not running hard enough.

If I can see straight I’m not running hard enough.

If my stomach isn’t burning I’m not running hard enough.

If I can think I’m not running hard enough.

If I can look at my watch I’m not running hard enough.

Run so hard that I have to close my eyes.

Run so hard that I forget to look at my watch.

I push myself to oblivion.

That’s where I go.

Health Is the Only Thing

Vince Lombardi said, “Winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing.”

It’s clear Coach took winning seriously.

As somebody who has personally seen people struggle physically, mentally, and emotionally, I take health seriously and say:

Health isn’t everything. It’s the only thing.

Like Sinatra, I Did It My Way

On my own journey,
Minding my own business,
Doing what I can, to make a difference.

Trying to help and be good,
Trying not to hurt and be bad,
Always and forever, it’s not a fad.

Living freely and peacefully,
Doing my own thing,
To my values I cling.

Living my life and living it my way,
When I look back, I’ll be able to say,
I did it like Sinatra, I did it my way.

The Saga Continues

My mind is sharp,

My body is strong,

So what’s the problem,

Where am I going wrong?

I have talent,

I have potential too,

The saga continues,

What will I do?

Not the Outcome

Just because we didn’t get the outcome we wanted doesn’t mean we made the wrong decision.

We may have chosen correctly but something changed along the way.

Just because we didn’t get the outcome we wanted doesn’t mean we completed the process wrong.

We may have executed the plan masterfully but the strategy was wrong.

When pinpointing an issue or problem, remember it’s not just one thing.

It’s a combination of things.

There are multiple variables.

And each variable affects the outcome.

Rest or Else

We train to strain,

We train to grow,

If we never rest,

We will plateau.

Growing Pains

Growing up,
Growing pains,
Growing slow,
You can’t see it,
But I’m not the same.