Hammer and Chisel

Like a sculptor, chip.

Chip away. Chip every day.

Keep chipping until we are pleased with ourselves and the shape of our life.

No matter how much we chip, we will never be perfect and our life will never be perfect.

We are a project. Our life is a project.

We can remodel and restart as many times as we’d like.

Are you happy with yourself? Are you happy with your life?

Remember, you have the tools to change your life. You have the hammer and chisel.

Be Like A Point Guard

What can we learn from a point guard?

Live unselfishly.


Assist others.

Set others up.

Make the lives of others easier.

Control the tempo.

Live under control.

Not all of these things show up in the box score. Be a leader. Be a good person. You will get yours.

Shoutout to Fathers

Shoutout to all of the fathers out there providing for, protecting, and taking care of their families.

Making sacrifices for your children so they can live better lives is admirable.

Better Off for Knowing Me

How do I live?

I want everybody I connect with to say he is a nice guy and a good guy.

I want everybody I cross paths with to say he made me feel like a million bucks.

I want everybody I interact with to say he brought the energy and is full of life.

I want others to say they’re better off for knowing me.

And I want to do it genuinely.

That’s how I live my life.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad

Happy Father’s Day to my great dad.

You’re hard working, selfless, and giving.

You’re loving, caring, patient, kind, and understanding.

You’re a nice guy. You’re one of the good ones.

I’m proud to be your son. I’m proud to call you my dad and best friend.

I love you.

Happy Anniversary to My Wife, Meg

Happy Anniversary to my naturally beautiful, loving, caring, patient, and understanding wife.

You are the first love I’ve ever known, the only love I’ve ever known, and the only love I will ever know.

I love you, Meg.


Our attitude affects us and everybody around us.

Our attitude can make us or break us. Our attitude can be the difference between winning and losing.

Adopt a positive, can-do, winning attitude.

Change your attitude. Change your life.

Project Inner Outward

Sometimes people project their inner misery outward.

Understand they’re hurting inside.

Be patient with them. Be kind to them.