Start Fresh

Life is like golf.

We have to be able to put the bad shot and bad hole behind us.

If we don’t, it will wreck out current shot and current hole.

The past has passed.

Leave it there.

Don’t carry it with us.

Don’t let what happened yesterday wreck our today.

Don’t carry a bad moment and a bad day with us.

Start fresh right now.

Life Is Like A Tunnel

Life is like a tunnel.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a dark place.

If we keep moving forward eventually we’ll see light and come out the other side.

There is a way out.

We just have to keep moving forward.

Can’t Outrun Them

We can’t outrun our issues and problems. We have to face them and fight through them.

Dig in and Fight

Sometimes I want to run,

Sometimes I want to flight,

But I know it’s time to take a stand,

It’s time to dig in and fight.

One Day at A Time

Take one day at a time.

Do one thing at a time.

Life is more manageable that way.

Crazy Are the Nonbelievers

Crazy enough to think it.

Crazy enough to dream it.

Crazy enough to believe it.

Crazy enough to try it.

Crazy enough to do it.

Crazy are the nonbelievers.

There’s no stopping a whole heart.

The difference between succeeding and failing is in wholeheartedly deciding you’re going to do it and wholeheartedly deciding you’re going to succeed.

If your whole heart is in it, you will not stop and will not quit no matter the circumstances.

You will not stop and will not quit no matter how hard it is and how hard it gets.

Therefore you will not fail.

Therefore you will succeed.

There’s no stopping a whole heart.

Whole Heart

We will not find success with only half a heart.

If only half a heart is there, look elsewhere.

We will find success where our whole heart is.

Where our whole heart is, is where we will find success.