Second Set of Eyes

Sometimes it’s important to have a second set of eyes.

I came to that conclusion this week after training somebody.

Sometimes people are overconfident and think they’re capable of doing more than they can.

On the other hand, sometimes people lack confidence and think they’re capable of doing less than they can.

We all have blind spots.

We all need more experienced people in our corner.

People who have seen a lot are a decent judge of ability.

We need somebody who will push us when we need pushed.

We need somebody who will hold us back when we need held back.

It helps having somebody who sees what we don’t see helping us and supporting us.

I’ll Never Forget You

To my family and friends that I rarely see and talk to:

I think about you,
I don’t check in and check on you like I should,
For that, I’m sorry,
I know it’s not right, and it doesn’t make me feel good,

I could be better and do more,
I’m not the best family member and friend,
I feel bad,
I’m not going to act and pretend.

Life is fragmented,
We go our separate ways and grow apart,
I’m not making excuses,
If we’ve had a connection, you’ll always have a special place in my heart.

I’ve changed and am a different person,
We don’t have much in common,
I apologize if I hurt you,
I just want you to know I’ll never forget you.


Life has given me reasons to be angry.

And sometimes I do get angry.

But I try never to take my anger out on another human.

Bad things happen.

We don’t have to hurt other people with our pain.

Look Out for People

Look out for people.

Always look for ways to help people.

Not because you want something or need something.

Because it’s the right thing to do.

Create good karma.

People will look out for you.

Working hard to work less.

Working hard to work less.

Working hard to find ways to work less.

Not because I’m lazy.

Because I want to live.

I’m not afraid of hard work.

I am afraid of working too much.

There’s so much to see, do, learn, and experience.

I’m curious and want to see it, do it, learn it, and experience it.

“I shall either find a way or make one.”

It doesn’t matter how talented and skilled we are if we don’t do anything with the talent and skill.

We all have potential.

What are we doing with it?

Are we appropriately using our talent and skill?

Are we effectively using what makes us valuable?

Or are we wasting it?

I’m not as productive as I could be.

I’m not leveraging my assets as much as I could be.

I’m still trying to find a way to turn my potential into something real, something tangible, something valuable.

I recently came across the Latin saying “Aut viam inveniam aut faciam.”

It’s means “I shall either find a way or make one.”

It’s fitting here.

I shall find a way.

If I can’t find a way, I will make one.

Just Like You

Trying to be righteous,
Trying to live virtuously,
Always trying to be better,
But I’m human,
I’m a sinner,
I come up short,
Just like you.

Always Be Humble

Swallow you pride,

Put your ego aside,

You can turn things around,

Keep both feet on the ground,

We all need help,

Be humble enough to ask,

We all make mistakes,

Right the wrong, whatever it takes,

Whether you’re asking for help or saying sorry, don’t mumble,

Always be genuine and always be humble.

No Idols

I respect people.

I don’t idolize anybody.

We’re just humans after all.