Passion Matters

Passion matters.

If we aren’t excited about what we’re doing, we’ll have a hard time consistently producing at a high level.

We may be able to get by in the short-term.

We won’t be able to sustain it in the long-term.

Commitment and discipline matter. So does passion.

We do it better when we do it with heart and soul.

Escape Route

It takes bravery and courage to wake up and keep fighting.

You may be doing it for you. You may be doing it for your family.

Being selfless and making sacrifices is respectable.

Life is exhausting.

Fighting day after day is tiring.

The grind is physically, mentally, and emotionally draining.

It feels nonstop and never-ending.

But I believe there is an escape route. I believe there is an end in sight. I believe we can live a better lifestyle and a better quality of life.

It won’t just happen. You won’t just wake up one day and miraculously your life has changed.

You have to search for it. You have to seek it. You have to work for it.

There is hope. There is light. There is an alternative. There is a different way. Look for it.

I pray that we all find it. Have faith with me. Trust with me.

And no matter what route we choose, remember, we are soldiers, we are warriors, we are survivors, we are resilient creatures. We can and will persevere.

Craving Freedom

Life is not fair.

As long as we’re playing somebody else’s game by somebody else’s rules it won’t be fair.

They’re in control. They’ve taken our freedom.

It can get better. It can get more fair.

We must take control of the situation. We must make it better.

Don’t like it? Do something about it.

Play our game. Play by our rules.

They won’t like it, but that levels the playing field. That’s the freedom we’re craving.

Fit In

We try to fit in.

We try to fit into other people’s lives.

We try to fit in at work.

We try to fit into the world.

Instead of trying to fit in, what if we just live and see how others fit into our lives?

Why do we change who we are, how we act, what we do, and how we live for the world?

Accommodate others. Make sure your wants and needs are also being accommodated.

Float Like a Butterfly

Judging people based on their past is like judging the caterpillar rather than the butterfly.

Like a caterpillar, we too can undergo a complete metamorphosis.

Before you assume people are caterpillars, check to see if they’re floating like a butterfly.

Most Important Work

Some of the most important work I’ve ever done was work not done for money.

Work is not just something we do for money.

Work is also giving our time and energy to worthy causes.

What We’re Taught Versus What We Should Be Taught

What we’re taught:

Work on our resume.
Collect degrees and certifications.
Look for jobs.
Apply for jobs.
Get a job.
Climb the ladder.

What we should be taught:

Explore our interests and passions.
Try things.
Think creatively.
Build something.
Create something.
Add value.
Solve problems.
Create solutions.
Meet people.
Connect with people.
Build relationships.
Collect experiences.
Start a business.

Think about all of the time we spend on the former when we could be investing time in building something for ourselves and setting ourselves up for the future.

Change our mindset. Think differently.