Life is pretty simple:

Eat food
Drink water
Take care of your health
Be a part of a tribe
Work together for what you need

We overcomplicate life.

We create unnecessary distractions.

We create our own problems.

Back to the basics.

Simple living is peaceful living.

Simple pleasures are the greatest pleasures.

Chippy and Scrappy

Underdogs have to be chippy and scrappy.

Underdogs have to hustle, dive for loose balls, and be willing to get dirty.

Underdogs have to have passion and a little bit of attitude.

That’s their advantage.

That’s the only way they can win.

Take Your Time

There are long roads ahead,

There are mountains to climb,

Pace yourself,

Take your time.

The Will

You can do it, but do you have the will to do it?

I Told You So

May we all have that breakthrough moment.

May we all have that I told you so moment.

Believe in Tomorrow

Short-term thinking:

I’m not seeing results today. I’m going to stop doing it.

Long-term thinking:

I could see results tomorrow. I’m going to keep going.

We will not see the fruits of our labor the day we do the work.

We will not be rewarded the day of.

Believe in what you’re doing.

Have the courage, strength, and endurance to keep going.

Act with conviction.

Go confidently.

Believe in what you cannot yet see.

Maintain Assets

Maintain assets or they could become liabilities.

Our bodies and minds are assets.

If we don’t take care of them, they will fall apart.

Our houses and cars are assets.

If we don’t take care of them, they will fall apart.

If we put off maintenance, it could lead to damage and problems.

Don’t get behind.

Keep up with it.

Stay on top of it.

Maintain it.

Take care of our assets.