The World Is Abundant

It’s natural to be jealous and envious every once in a while.

Don’t fixate on it and obsess over it. Don’t let it demoralize us.

Don’t compare ourselves to others and let what we don’t have steal our joy.

Focus on who we have and what we have in our lives. Think about all we’ve been blessed with.

When we see others with things we want and desire, be happy for them and use it as fuel and motivation to get what we want and desire.

The world is abundant.

The world is full of possibilities. There are opportunities for us all. Seize them.

Keep your eye on the prize.

Put in the time and effort. Keep working and be patient.

You can have what you want and desire.

Encourage and Support Others

Support others.

Support the dreams, goals, ambitions, and aspirations of others.

Supporting others and all they want to achieve and accomplish will not detract from you, your life, and your dreams.

Addition by Subtraction

We can add to our happiness by subtracting everything that doesn’t make us happy.

Eliminating everything that doesn’t make us happy can make us happier.

Similarly, eliminating everything that doesn’t serve a purpose and that doesn’t add value can help us focus on and appreciate everything meaningful that we do have in our lives.

How It Feels

We can learn what to do from others.

We can also learn what not to do from others.

I’ve learned how not to talk and act.

I’ve been treated disrespectfully, talked down to, bossed around, bullied, intimidated, threatened, and hurt.

I know how bad it feels.

I don’t want anybody to feel like that.

That’s why I’ll never treat anybody like that and never make anybody feel like that.

Have Mercy

Why are we so hard on other people when we make mistakes and sin too? Why are we so critical of others?

Be empathetic. Be forgiving. Have mercy on others.

What Does It Take to Be Happy?

I appreciate the little things in life and am grateful for the simple things.

It makes me happy when I come across people with a similar appreciation.

We get so caught up with meaningless things in life that we miss out on some of the best things.

Some of life’s greatest pleasures are natural and things we take for granted.

It doesn’t take much to be happy.

We fall into the trap of thinking more and bigger will make us happier.

On the contrary, less and smaller makes me happy.

We don’t have to look far and hard for things to be grateful for.

We may not have everything we want and desire and may not have the best of everything, but if we have what we need and have enough to survive, we have enough to be happy.

With contentment, gratefulness, and peace comes happiness.

Healthy Habits

Habits compound. Habits go hand in hand.

Focus on building one healthy habit at a time. Start small. Build one on top of the other.

When we save money, we’re more likely to save more money.

When we exercise, we’re more likely to eat well. When we eat well, we’re more likely to exercise.

Establishing one healthy habit can help us establish others.

Think about your life. What do you want to change? What do you want to improve?

Create healthy habits. Habits are powerful. Habits can transform our lives.

Take for Granted

Don’t take our lives for granted.

Don’t take our health for granted.

Don’t take our food and water for granted.

Don’t take our safety for granted.

Don’t take our shelter and transportation for granted.

Don’t take our utilities for granted.

Don’t take the people in our lives for granted.

Don’t take love for granted.

Don’t take all we have for granted.

Stop where you are. Stop what you’re doing.

Give thanks and appreciate all we’ve been blessed with.