One Too Many

A minute wasted is one too many.

Time is valuable. It’s a resource. It’s limited. It’s nonrenewable.

Each minute adds up, so don’t waste a single one. Make every minute count.

Do What You Love

Doing work we don’t want to do is taking away time from doing work we do want to do.

Commit to finding a way to do work we enjoy and want to do.

When we do work we like, we’re happier and do a better job. We feel a greater sense of meaning and satisfaction.

Do what you love.

Put It In

Put energy and life into the world. Don’t deplete it.

Get Your Mind and Body Right

I always try to be in tip-top shape mentally and physically.

That way I’m prepared for whatever life throws at me.

Be prepared for the good and bad.

Small Changes, Large Results

We work so hard Monday through Friday just to give it all back on the weekend.

Can you relate? Does this resonate with you?

I’ll preface this by saying I don’t like the phrase cheat day, but turn a cheat day or a cheat weekend into a cheat meal or two.

On top or that, have dessert, have a treat, have a snack or two.

It’s not cheating. It’s living a balanced, sustainable lifestyle.

We shouldn’t deprive ourselves of life’s greatest pleasures. I put food into that category.

Making one small change could yield large results.

Continue to satisfy your cravings without overdoing it.

One bad day or one bad weekend can impede progress.

Don’t undo all of the hard work. Don’t let the sweat go down the drain. Don’t ruin the results we’ve worked so hard for.

Be less extreme. Be more balanced.

I still overdo it sometimes. I still binge sometimes. But this shift in my mentality has definitely helped me be more consistent.

Daily Affirmation

Think it.

Say it.

Write it.

Express it.

Believe it.

Repeat it.

And do it with confidence and authority.

Our thoughts become our words. Our words become our actions. Our actions become reality.

Go Broad, Go Deep

It’s not only how many lives we touch, it’s also how deeply we touch them.

Help many people and help as many as you can deeply.