Little by Little

Little by little it seems possible.

Little by little it starts making sense.

Little by little it becomes clear.

Little by little it comes together.

Little by little we take action.

Little by little we make progress.

Little by little it becomes reality.

It all starts with dreaming big little by little.

Change It

There are some things in my life I’m happy with and other things I’m not.

If we’re not happy, get happy. If we don’t like it, change it. Take control of our life.

It’s our duty and responsibility to change it.

We can complain, or we can do something about it.

Both require time and energy. We might as well put our time and energy to good use and get a positive return.

Some things are out of our control. Control what we can control. Do everything in our power.

We can build the life we want to live. We can design it. We can create it.

If we’re unhappy with something, don’t accept it. Change it. Work on it. Start today. Act today. Do it today. Our future depends on it.

Control Your Time and Schedule

I’m healthier and happier when I control my time and control my schedule.

Constantly planning around others is exhausting. Always being at the mercy of others is draining.

I’m happier when I live life on my terms.

I feel better. I’m more relaxed. My mood is better. I have more energy. I’m less busy. I’m less stressed. I’m more creative. I’m more productive. I’m all around healthier and happier.

Although I’m not there yet, I’m working toward it.

Refuse to Settle

I know I can do better.

I know you can do better, too.

We’re capable of better. We’re capable of more. Refuse to settle.

Kick Your Feet Up

I used to refuse to take days off from running.

I always wanted to keep the streak alive.

I’ve learned and grown wiser.

Time off serves a purpose. Its important. It’s essential. It’s beneficial. Rest and recovery is important to high performance.

Take a day off. Take multiple days off. Take time off. Our body and mind need it.

Recharge. We’ll come back fresher and stronger. We’ll come back with more energy and enthusiasm. We’ll be more motivated. We’ll be chomping at the bit to get back.

Discipline is the ability to push ourselves. It’s also the ability to hold ourselves back.

Do something kind for our mind and body. They’ll thank us for it.

Give our body a break from the stress. Stop beating our body down. Let it repair itself. Let it rejuvenate and replenish. It’s refreshing.

So go ahead. Kick your feet up. Rest and relax.


Sometimes we need to regroup.

We’re busy. We’re under constant pressure and live in a constant state of stress.

We are pedal to the metal.

Take our foot off the gas. Slow down. Regroup.

Get our thoughts together. Get our mind right. See the big picture. See more clearly. Reflect. Reassess. Refocus.

Get our body right. Rest. Sleep. De-stress. Recharge.

I’m not talking about quitting. I’m not talking about giving up.

I’m talking about slowing down so we can speed up. So we can come back sharper, stronger, and better. So we can come back fresher. So we can come back with more energy, enthusiasm, and life.

Retreat. Regroup. Then full speed ahead. I’ll be back.

Don’t Tempt Yourself

Don’t buy junk food. Don’t have it in the house. Don’t tempt yourself. I don’t care how much discipline and willpower you have, you will sometimes cave. We’re better off not having it around.

Healthy habits and choices start at the store.

I’m writing this as I’m eating donuts that I shouldn’t have bought.