I’m passionate, curious, and focused. My values are clearly defined. I know myself and my priorities. Living a meaningful and purposeful life is important to me. I’m always up for an experience and a challenge.

I’m obsessed with fitness, health, wellness, and food. I value my health, happiness, peace, freedom, family, and time.

I love writing, reading, thinking, and creating. I write to spread positive messages and help others. Writing also helps me think clearly. I write to motivate, inspire, and empower others to be healthy and live well.

I’m obsessed with learning and growing. I constantly strive to live a better quality of life. I’m a self-improvement, personal development, and self-help junkie.

I’m an athlete. I’ve run three marathons. I believe in moving and being active. I strive to live a balanced, sustainable lifestyle.

My wife and I enjoy traveling, eating our favorite foods, walking, and experiencing life together.

Coffee, bananas, peanut butter, chocolate, pastries, and pizza make me happy.

An ideal day is one in which I eat, sleep, run, train, write, read, and spend time with my wife and dad.

I’m an entrepreneur who loves building and creating. I’m also open to investment opportunities.