I’m a lifelong athlete.

I have a diverse background and broad range of personal and professional experiences.

I’m energetic, passionate, curious, and relentless.

I’m determined, motivated, driven, and hungry.

I’m consistent, dedicated, disciplined, and focused.

I’m a dreamer, believer, and seeker.

I believe in better and have the desire to improve.

I’m obsessed with running, training, writing, reading, thinking, learning, and creating.

I’m service-minded and believe in helping others.

I love eating and sleeping.

I know myself and my priorities.

I value my health, happiness, peace, freedom, and time.

I’m a minimalist and believe in living a meaningful and purposeful life.

I live simply and humbly.

I’m frugal and don’t believe in waste.

I’m always up for an adventure, experience, and challenge.

My wife and my dad are my best friends.

Mental health is important to me because my mom died by suicide and I’ve experienced mental health issues.