I’m self-confident.

At the same time I suffer from insecurity and self-doubt.

I believe in myself.

I know I’m good enough.

I’m competent and capable.

I’m educated and experienced.

I practice and work hard at my crafts.

But I still doubt myself.

I’m still insecure.

I still question myself.

I still suffer from imposter syndrome.

I still have self-limiting beliefs.

I still have fears.

I fear not being good enough.

I fear not knowing everything.

I fear not being perfect.

And it can be paralyzing.

I can be indecisive.

Sometimes it stops me before even starting.

I can get caught in a standstill.

May our self-confidence be greater than our self-doubt and insecurity.

May our belief, faith, conviction, and trust be greater than our skepticism.

May our courage be greater than our fears.

Stop with the questions.

You are the answer.

You are good enough.

Get out of your own way.

Stop limiting yourself.

Stop weighing yourself down and holding yourself back.

Let yourself flourish, prosper, and succeed.