Unconditional acceptance.

That’s one of the reasons my wife and my marriage works.

We understand each other.

We get each other.

We may not like everything.

But we accept each other.

We unconditionally accept each other.

We don’t try to change and fix each other.

I feel free to be myself.

I feel free to be the real me.

And my wife takes me as I am and accepts me as I am.

I hope she feels as free as I do.

Unconditional acceptance is a pillar of our relationship.

I believe it’s important to any kind of relationship.

Unconditional acceptance is a gift.

Unconditional acceptance is hard to find.

If you find somebody who unconditionally accepts you, consider yourself blessed.

You have yourself a lifelong friend and partner.

Don’t we all inherently want to be accepted for who we are?