We revert to what we like and know.

I went through a trying phase.

I wanted to try every beer and every restaurant.

I wanted to travel to every city.

I thought there was something bigger and better out there.

I wanted to find the best.

I was afraid of missing out on something.

It was fun.

I enjoyed it.

I have some great memories and stories.

I had some eye-opening experiences.

I’m fortunate and grateful.

I was searching for the best.

I’ve learned there is no best.

I was searching for perfect.

I’ve learned there is no perfect.

There are pros and cons to everything.

I’ve tried enough things to realize that most of the time there isn’t a better thing.

Most of the time we already know the better thing.

Most things are similar.

Few things stick out.

Instead of endlessly searching and trying, I’ve learned to find what I like and stick with it.

I’ve learned no matter how many more beers and restaurants I try and places I go, I’m probably still going to like the ones I already know and like.

Many times when I try something new, I’m disappointed, unimpressed, underwhelmed, and let down.

Many times it doesn’t live up to the hype and expectation.

Many times photos are better than reality.

Many times it’s not worth it.

I won’t say I regret it because it is an experience.

But once is enough.

I wouldn’t go back again and try again.

I know what I like.

It’s hard finding something better.

While we’re searching for the next best thing, we could be enjoying our favorite thing.

Initially we have to try things.

Eventually when we find our favorite things and favorite places, stick with them.

When you find something that feels like heaven, believe it, savor it, and enjoy it.