When we eliminate something from our lives, we create a void.

When we eliminate a habit, we create a void.

If something is taken from us, we have a void.

We have extra time, space, and energy.

We have excess capacity.

Voids are part of life.

How do we fill voids in our lives?

Because not filling voids can and will drive us crazy.

Maybe we don’t make changes in our lives because we’re afraid of voids.

We like knowing and feeling safe.

We don’t want to feel uncomfortable.

Fill the void.

Fill the space.

Replace one habit with another.

Use the time and energy for something else.

Make a swap.

Find an alternative.

The void is an opportunity to make an upgrade.

It’s an opportunity to do something bigger, better, more constructive, and more productive.

It’s an opportunity to be healthier and happier.

It’s an opportunity to learn something and better yourself.

It’s an opportunity to take a step forward.

Make the most of the void.

Full the void wisely.