Keep aiming for the stars.

You just may land there.

I doubt any golfer has ever made a hole in one on their first hole ever played.

I’d bet there are some highly talented, highly skilled golfers out there who have never made a hole in one.

I’d also bet there are some average and below average golfers out there who have made a hole in one.

Talent is important.

Skill is important.

So is luck.

Keep stepping up to the tee box.

Keep swinging.

Every hole you play and every shot you hit you increase your chances of hitting a hole in one.

If you play enough holes and hit enough shots you just may hit a hole in one.

Some things are a numbers game.

Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.

Whether you’re a professional or do it for leisure, you have a chance.

Keep playing.

Keep hitting shots.

One day you just may get that ace.

There’s no doubt a highly skilled golfer will hit more greens and be closer to the pin more often.

But remember it only takes one.