Professional runners are amazing.

It’s amazing what they’re capable of.

Elite runners deserve credit and praise for their talents, abilities, dedication, work ethic, performance, and accomplishments.

They should be proud.

Endurance athletes are often overlooked and underappreciated.

I want to be an elite, professional, sponsored runner.

I mean what runner wouldn’t want free gear, to travel for free, and get paid to run?

But I want to shine a light on everyday runners.

I want to celebrate the amateurs.

Nearly all runners fall into this category.

They don’t get paid to run.

They run for free.

They run as a hobby.

They run for leisure.

They run for the love of it.

Some compete.

Some just do it for fun, to stay in shape, and to relieve stress.

These people have kids and families.

They work and have spouses who work.

They have jobs and careers.

They have other commitments, duties, responsibilities, and obligations.

They make time to run and train.

They get up early.

They stay up late.

They squeeze in workouts.

Juggling all that and still making time to run is amazing.

These people too are special.

They too are dedicated and have an admirable work ethic.

They too should be proud.

Cheers to the amateurs.