My goal is to run an Olympic trials marathon qualifying time.

That means I have to run a 2:18.

Running and training – that’s what I’ve been up to.

That’s what I’ve been working toward.

That’s where most of my energy is going.

I’ve been dedicating my life to it.

I’ve been working my butt off.

I’m running the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC in October.

That’s a stepping stone race.

If I can run between 2:25 and 2:30 there I have a really good chance of hitting 2:18.

I’m self-coached.

I’m still learning and experimenting.

I’ve been training for less than a year and a half.

I’ve only been training right for less than a year.

It’s a selfish dream.

It’s a selfish goal.

But I’m learning so much about myself and life in the process.

I’m learning so much about my body, mind, and heart.

I’m learning so much about running and training.

It’s truly a learning experience.

I’m trying to give back along the way.

If I come up short, there’s no shame.

At least I can say I had the courage to try.

At least I can say I went for it.

I have about four weeks of training left before I start tapering.

I’d say I’ll average at least 8 hours of running a week during this buildup with some weeks being more and few being less.

I average around 1 hour of strength training a day.

I average about 1 hour of stretching, mobility, foam rolling, self-massaging, and icing a day.

I spend a lot of time eating and sleeping.

I’m not ready to hang the running shoes up yet.

Let’s give this a go.

Let’s see what I’ve got.

No regrets.

No what-ifs.

Why not me?