Conflicting goals – when we want two or more things at the same time that require different actions.

For example, if I want to train for a marathon and lose weight at the same time.

Performance and weight loss don’t belong in the same sentence.

I need fuel for training.

I need fuel to perform and recover.

If I try to lose weight, I will be weak and underperform.

I also increase the likelihood for injury.

It’s possible to train and lose weight at the same time, but one or both goals will suffer.

I can do either but probably shouldn’t try to do both at the same time because they require conflicting actions.

Either train for a marathon and maintain weight or lose weight and save the marathon for later.

It’s hard to do everything right and well at once.

When we try to do multiple things at once they all end up suffering.

Set one goal at a time.

Focus on one thing at a time.

Do one thing at a time.

What is the main goal and priority right now?

What do you want most right now?

Singularly focus on that.