What is a friend?

Growing up, my friends were people I played sports with, played video games with, swam with, rode ATVs with, and partied with.

I spent a lot of time with my friends in childhood.

I talked with my friends daily.

Then we get jobs, move, get married, and have kids.

Our lives change.

Our interests and priorities change.

What we have in common changes.

We change.

I don’t do any of the things that I did as a kid.

Now I go to sleep early.

Now I read, write, and run long distances for fun.

Now I talk to my wife and dad daily.

As we get older, what does it mean to be friends?

Is it somebody you see regularly?

Talk with, text with, or interact with on the internet regularly?

Spend time with?

Work with?

We have different friends in different stages of our lives.

As we mature, the role of friends change.

The definition of a friend changes as well.

When we’re older maybe a friend is somebody who listens to us vent, gives us a shoulder to cry on, and supports us.

Depending on the definition, I could have zero friends or hundreds of friends.

One thing that is universal is we all need good people in our lives.