Living is a risk.

When you invest money, you risk losing it.

When you run, you risk getting injured.

When you cross a street, you risk getting hit by a car.

When you’re in a car, you risk being in a accident.

When you’re on an airplane, you risk it going down.

When you walk outside in a storm, you risk getting hit by lightning.

When you go in the ocean, you risk getting bit by a shark.

When you love, you risk getting hurt.

When you trust, you risk being deceived.

When you work for a company, you risk being fired.

When you start a business, you risk it failing.

Speaking out is a risk.

Keeping quiet is a risk.

Life is inherently risky.

Everything in life is a risk.

We can try to live in a bubble, but that still comes with risk.

We can’t control everything.

We can limit risks.

Pick your spots.

Be careful.