My dad always said he wanted me to have a better life than he had.

My dad said his dad said the same thing to him.

My dad has made my life easier just as my pap tried to make my dad’s life easier.

It’s multigenerational.

I’m blessed to have a loving, caring, generous, giving, nice dad.

He’s been so all of the above that in a way I was set up for disappointment in the real world.

The bar was set high.

My expectations were high.

I thought everybody wanted me to live a better life and wanted to make my life easier.

Unfortunately not everybody is my dad.

I thought everybody was going to be nice to me.

I thought everybody was going to help me.

I’m learning it’s a cruel world.

People are out for themselves.

People are greedy.

People don’t care about me.

People don’t want to help me.

I’m blessed to have a wonderful dad.

I would never change it.

But I’m learning not everybody is like my dad.

I’ve been coming to terms with it and am adjusting.

But I still have hope that there are good people out there like my dad.

Thank you dad for being a great dad.

Thank you for always wanting to help me and trying to help me.

I appreciate you and love you so much.