I starved myself during the week.

I binged on the weekend.

That was me.

It’s the weekend.

Treat yourself.

Splurge a little bit.

But it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

We can maintain some order and balance.

A couple “bad” or “unhealthy” meals, a couple extra snacks, a couple extra drinks, and some dessert won’t kill you.

But just because it’s the weekend is not an excuse and a good reason to overdo it and eat and drink everything in sight.

I’m not sure why I associate the weekend with food and eating.

I have to unlearn and undo the conditioning.

I have to change my habits and ways.

I’m learning moderation.

But take it from me.

Don’t dig yourself a hole and set yourself back.

Don’t end the weekend feeling guilty and full of regret.

Stay on track or as close as you can while still enjoying and living life.

It’s easier to maintain.

Cheers to the weekend.