I share my struggles.

I share the pain I’ve felt.

I share my insecurities.

I share my experiences.

I put myself out there – all of me.

Overall I’ve lived a good life.

I was raised by a loving family – although untraditional, it was a true village.

I never went without what I needed.

I had much of what I wanted.

I’ve loved and been loved.

I had a lot of fun with friends and have a lot of great memories.

I’ve had the privilege of pursuing a variety of educational and professional opportunities.

I married my best friend who unconditionally loves me and supports me. I still don’t know how and why she puts up with me.

I’ve had the privilege of traveling to different places and experiencing different cultures.

I’ve lived a great life and continue to do so.

I put it all out there. I put everything I have into life. I’ve already lived a full life.

I’m grateful for the good. I’m grateful for the adversity. I am who I am because of it. And I like who I am.

I’ll never forget the words a friend once told me. He said I “live a charmed life.” That I do.