Perfectionism stops us from starting.

I can’t help but think about a brand like Nike.

Nike shoes were created in a waffle iron.

The first versions of their products were probably lackluster, underwhelming, and anything but perfect.

They weren’t beautifully designed and massed produced.

Their technology was basic.

They didn’t have a branding or marketing team.

But the creators had a goal and a vision.

They were committed to their goal and vision.

They believed in what they were doing.

They stuck with it.

And they were willing to be good enough – not perfect.

Look where Nike is now.

Look how the products and company has evolved over time.

If we’re looking to create a world-class product right out of the gate, we’re going to be disappointed.

Be willing to start.

Be willing suck.

Be willing to struggle.

Be willing to be good enough.

If we’re willing to do that, one day we may be the one who builds the next billion dollar brand.