Yesterday my watch broke.

At first I was upset.

Now I feel free.

I let my watch control me.

I let it tell me if I was fit or not.

I let it tell me how much to move.

I let it tell me if I slept enough.

I let it tell me if my heart rate is normal.

Tracking can be good.

Tracking too much is mentally exhausting and stressful – maybe even detrimental psychologically.

We get so attached to technology.

We rely so heavily on it.

We obsess over every little detail.

We lose sight of what’s important.

I’m a feeler.

I always have been.

I live by feel.

I live by intuition.

I’m aware of how I feel.

If I can finish a hard workout, I’m fit.

If my body is tired, I moved enough for the day.

If I woke up feeling fresh, I slept enough.

If I feel healthy, I’m probably healthy.

Stop overthinking everything and overanalyzing everything.

Just move, sleep, drink water, eat decent, and rest.

And most importantly, trust yourself.

Because you know how you feel better than a watch.

I will not let technology own me and control me.