I’m not a dad.

I don’t have a kid.

I’m selfish.

I like my freedom.

I’m self-concerned.

Today I ran with a high school kid.

While we were running I was more concerned about him than I was myself.

This is not like me.

I usually don’t feel like this.

I imagine this is what it feels like being a dad.

It felt good.

I liked the feeling.

I’m not saying I’m ready to be a dad.

I can’t say I’ll ever be ready.

I still have a hard time taking care of myself.

I can say I care about people.

I love looking out for people.

I love trying to help people.

Especially when we have a common bond.

I love sharing what I love with others.

I may never be a dad.

I can be a leader.

I can make a difference.