Work smarter.

Simple concept.

Easy to say. Not as easy to figure out and apply.

To work smarter we need experience.

We need to explore and experiment. We need to try new things and different things.

We have to struggle through it.

We have to be inefficient to learn to be efficient. Sometimes we have to make mistakes and learn the hard way.

We learn what do to do by learning what not to do. We have to live so we can learn.

We can seek knowledge and information. We can use resources. We can ask people who have been there and done it for help.

But sometimes we have to learn through trial and error. We have to suck it up and grind through it.

Working smarter doesn’t happen overnight.

Working smarter is a process. Working smarter takes time.

Think about it. Do it. Learn from it. Then think some more, adjust, and do it again.

Always look for ways to upgrade. Always look for ways to do things better. Always look for ways to be smarter and work smarter.

And remember, nobody has all of the answers, and there’s no substitute for hard work.