Today was the first day of its kind in a long, long time.

Every day I push myself physically. I jam a lot of physically activity into a day.

This day was different. I did the opposite.

The goal was to do nothing or as little as possible.

I’ve been pushing myself hard for a few months straight.

My body was tired. I didn’t realize how tired my mind was. It’s been a constant grind.

I desperately needed a break. I tried to avoid it, but my mind and body needed to rest.

I thought it was going to be miserable mentally. I actually enjoyed it. It felt good. That’s how I know I needed it.

Plus it was nice having some extra time and energy to do some other things.

Today was healing and restorative. It was a success. I could get used to this.

Discipline is not always pushing ourselves and doing more. Sometimes discipline is doing less.

I average over 22,000 steps a day, but today I’m proud of this step count.