My mood changes based on my running.

If I run a good race, I’m high. If I nail a workout, I’m high.

If I take a day off from running, I’m low. If I have a bad workout, I’m low. If I get injured, I’m low.

The highs are high. The lows are depressingly and frustratingly low.

The swings can be viscous from one day to the next.

The root of all suffering is attachment.

I’m attached to running. Therefore, I suffer.

I let running control me and how I feel.

I tie my identity and worth to running.

I have expectations and am attached to certain outcomes.

When I get the outcomes and results I desire, I’m high.

When things don’t go my way and don’t go according to plan, I’m low.

Attaching ourselves to anything is setting ourselves up for disappointment.

Don’t attach ourselves, our lives, our feelings, and our happiness to one thing.

Because that thing can be taken away from us.

Anything and anybody can be taken away from us at any moment.

When that thing is taken away from us we lose our mind.

Have no expectations. Don’t get too attached to anything.