I used to be a diehard sports fan.

I wouldn’t miss a play of a Steelers game. I’d stay up late for night games compromising my sleep.

I knew every sport. I knew professional and college. I knew every player and team. I knew facts and statistics.

I slept with ESPN on TV. I’m not joking.

Sports ruled me and my life.

What good did this do me? What do I have to show for it?

Then life happened. I went through some stuff. My priorities changed. I realized what’s important.

I realized there are more important things in life than sports.

I’m more important. My mental health is more important. My physical health is more important.

That’s when I started taking my health more seriously. That’s when I dove into self-help and self-improvement. That’s when I realized better is possible.

That’s when I started reading and writing. That’s when I started prioritizing my sleep and strength training.

I spent so much time watching sports.

I took the time I spent watching sports and started investing it into my mind and body.

I went from sitting and watching and eating and drinking to thinking, learning, and moving.

I learned the countless hours I spent watching sports are better invested in myself.

I rarely watch sports anymore.

Now I have an extra few hours on Sunday and more time throughout the week to better myself and improve my life.

I went from watching to playing and living. That’s one of the best choices I’ve ever made. My return on my investment of time is now positive.