We start as raw material.

As we progress through life we are a work in progress.

Initially we are formed and shaped by our parents, families, friends, teachers, and coaches.

When we become adults it’s our job to continue the process.

We choose the direction we go.

We can learn new things as well as unlearn things we’ve been taught.

We can do new things as well as undo things that have been done.

The good thing about life is we’re malleable. We can alter our state at any given moment.

When we feel defective, we can always retool, reconfigure, and reinvent ourselves.

We have the power to alter ourselves and our lives. We have the ability to change.

We’ll never be a finished product. Why would we want to be anyway?

Being a work in progress is beautiful. When we’re a work in progress we can be anything we want to be.

We have the power to transform. May we all become the person we want to be. May we all live the life we want to live.