What can we learn from Covid?

One thing can change the world.

Something we can’t even see has the power to change the world.

And it can be done in a short period of time.

If something negative can spread so fast, why can’t something positive?

If everybody in the world touches one person a day in a positive way, it can ripple across the world.

Covid took lives and hurt people.

Together banded together we can help people.

Covid is contagious.

Our words and actions are contagious.

Covid is proof that something negative can rapidly spread.

Let’s prove that something positive can rapidly spread.

Spread love. Spread peace. Spread good cheer. Spread good vibes. Spread kindness. Spread goodness. Shake somebody’s hand. Smile at somebody. Hug somebody. Share kind words. Compliment somebody.

Do something. Do anything. Give something. Give anything.

And when they think you’re gone and done, come back with a different variant of good.