How did I start running?

I was chubby.

I was probably 50 pounds heavier than I am today.

So I started exercising.

I started running and jumping rope.

On multiple occasions Joe Thomas saw me training.

Joe was the cross country and track coach at the high school I attended.

He was a great runner in his day.

He saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself.

I had no idea what cross country was.

I wasn’t a runner. I didn’t grow up running.

Joe recruited me. I decided to join the team my senior year.

I had a couple friends on the team – Brad Zitney and Lance Bryson.

They both were wrestlers and great athletes.

They showed me the ropes.

Maybe they wouldn’t have been so helpful and generous if they would have known I’d go on to beat them. 😉

I don’t live near them anymore. If I did, I wouldn’t be talking like this. They’d slam me to the ground with their wrestling moves like they used to.

On a more serious note, I never would have started running if I wasn’t chubby.

I never would have started running competitively if Joe Thomas didn’t see something in me and recruit me.

I changed my life.

Joe changed my life.

I hope to see something in somebody and change their life like Joe changed mine.