In the past 14 years I’ve only run 10-20 races.

I went years without running a race.

I’m a lifelong athlete. I’m a competitor.

But somewhere along the lines I lost the desire to race and compete.

I put too much pressure on myself.

It became too stressful and worrisome.

I wanted to relax and enjoy running.

I just wanted to stay in shape.

I wanted to be in top-top shape, and if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t race.

I wanted to be perfect.

While this is all valid and true, there’s another reason I didn’t race. I’ve never admitted it until now.

I was scared. 💯

I was scared to race. I was scared to compete.

I got soft. I was afraid to lose. I was afraid to not perform. I was afraid to not be at my best.

My heart and guts are my edge.

Somewhere I lost my edge. I lost my courage and confidence.

I’m an extreme competitor. But I was afraid. Fear got the best of me.

Take it from me.

If you want to get better, you have to show up.

If you want to win and succeed, you have to put yourself out there.

You’ll never be ready. You’ll never be prepared. Do it.

Don’t be a coward like I was.

Show up. Have the courage to show up.

Keep showing up. Showing up consistently is courageous.

Warriors show up. Warriors fight. Warriors win battles. I’m now a warrior again. Are you a warrior?