I recently had an aha moment.

Everything I was thinking about and contemplating just clicked and started making sense – just like that.

I’ve been thinking a lot about running and the best way to train.

I was up in the air. I was wishy-washy. I lacked conviction.

On the last night of the USA Track & Field certification course that I recently completed, a lightbulb went on.💡

A coach tied it all together.

Everything that was murky all of a sudden became crystal clear.

All it takes is one book, one course, one class, or one person.

One person can change your entire outlook.

One person can change the trajectory of your life.

One person can point one thing out that you’ve been missing or overlooking.

One person knows something that you don’t.

This is why it’s so important to invest in yourself and continue learning.

Seek information. Seek knowledge.

There’s no more wishy-washy here.

What that coach shared instantly gave me the confidence and conviction I’ve been lacking.

A $250 investment is not only going to help me but also everybody I share it with.

It’s on. Let’s go.