Run your race. Run your pace.

Simple enough.

But if you’ve ever run a race, you know this moment all too well:

You’re pushing it. You’re running your heart out.

You could be running alone. You could be running with somebody. You could be running with a pack.

Somebody tries passing you. Somebody makes a move. Somebody pushes the pace.

What do you do? How do you react and respond?

In this moment we have to think on our feet and are forced to make a split-second decision.

Will we stay or will we go?

We can choose to stick to the game plan and play it safe.

We can answer the call, rise to the occasion, step out of our comfort zone, and take a chance.

Sometimes a push is what we need to get more out of ourselves.

No matter which option we choose, we’ll never know how the alternative would have played out.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather go down swinging than ask myself “what if.”

We don’t know what we’re capable of until we fully exert ourselves.

I want to walk away knowing that I gave it my all and emptied the tank.

Challenge yourself. Push yourself to get a little bit more out of yourself.

Dig deep. No guts, no glory.