Why do we compare ourselves?

Sometimes I look at top marathon finishing times.

It takes a long time to get to that level.

Why do I expect to get there in six months or a year?

They should be better than me. They started before me.

They’ve worked harder than me. They’ve been doing it longer than me.

It takes years to get there.

It’s unrealistic to think I can get there overnight.

Thinking I can is only setting myself up for disappointment.

The good news is I’m just scratching the surface. I’m only getting started. I’ve only recently started taking racing and competing seriously.

The next time we look up to somebody, think about all the time they’ve put in and all the work they’ve done to get there.

If they can do it, so can we.

If we commit, dedicate ourselves, and keep working, that could be us.

Don’t get discouraged. Stay encouraged.

Whatever you do, don’t compare your beginning to somebody else’s peak.

Keep grinding my friends.

We can do it. We can have it.