There’s one thing on my list that I’ve yet to accomplish that I really want to accomplish.

I’ve yet to build a lasting business or nonprofit organization.

Notice I said yet.

I’ve conquered almost everything else I’ve put my mind to thus far.

I’m confident and believe in due time my creativity, thoughtfulness, energy, passion, and goodwill will shine.

Although I want it now, I’m learning to slow down.

Great things take time.

It’s a process which cannot be forced and rushed.

I don’t need the negative energy and unnecessary pressure.

Ideas take time to mature.

Stars take time to align.

I will meet the right people and will be in the right place at the right time.

It all will fall into place.

Embrace where we are, this stage, the current season.

It’s preparing us for all that’s to come.

Trust in our ideas and dreams. Believe it. Really believe it.