I’ve made an observation: We’re afraid to set big goals because we’re afraid of failing.

Set big goals anyway.

Sometimes we’ll achieve our goals. Other times we won’t.

There’s nothing to be ashamed of and embarrassed about in coming up short as long as we gave our best effort and did everything in our power to achieve it.

It’s not always about achieving our goals.

Sometimes it’s about having the courage to set a big goal in the first place and pour everything we have into achieving it.

Sometimes it’s about who we become in the process, and that can be life-changing.

No matter the result, if you work your butt off and control the things you can control, be proud and hold your head high.

So please don’t let fear stop you.

Don’t live with regret.

Be brave.

Take a chance.

Go for it.

No guts, no glory.

One last thing, I’m rooting for you.