Your dreams don’t have to be conventional.

Your dreams don’t have to fit a mold.

Your dreams are yours.

People don’t have to understand them.

Don’t let anybody shoot down your dreams.

Because anything is possible.

If you think about it, believe it, and work for it, you can have it.

You can make it happen.

We’re taught to take conventional paths.

We’re not taught to dream.

Take it from me.

Listen to your heart.

Figure out what you want.

Then chase it with everything you have.

I wish I would have dreamt more and dreamt bigger when I was younger.

My dreams and goals were too realistic and too easily obtainable.

I didn’t stretch myself and my imagination enough.

The good news for me is it’s not too late to be a dreamer.

It’s not too late to chase my dreams and make my them a reality.

I encourage you to start dreaming.

I encourage you to think bigger and dream bigger.

Because anything is possible.