“I’m not a swimmer.”

That’s what I said this morning as I was swimming.

I don’t necessarily like swimming, but I know it’s great exercise and I know I benefit from it.

When we don’t like doing something we make excuses.

We come up with reasons not to do it. We try to justify not doing it. We try to get out of it.

Nobody is a swimmer.

People are swimmers because they choose to swim.

I was not a runner when I was in ninth grade.

I became a runner because I decided to run.

I stuck with it. Now I am a runner.

Just like I committed to running, I’m committing to swimming.

Therefore I am a swimmer.

You are what you choose to do and what you do.

It’s never easy at first.

You can do whatever it is you set your mind to.

You can do it. Just do it.