The finish line – one of the reasons I run marathons.

The finish line marks the end of the race, but getting there starts well before.

It’s starts months in advance with planning, preparing, and training.

The finish line is full of emotions.

Pure joy and happiness. An indescribable, unexplainable high. Smiling. Laughing.

A feeling of relief.

Crying. Tears of joy. Tears of pain. Tears of relief.

Screaming. Screams of happiness. Screams of pain. Screams of relief.

The blood. The sweat. The tears. It’s all released.

All of the hard work is realized when we cross the finish line.

The months and years of preparation pay off.

All of the emotions come out.

There’s nothing like the finish line.

There are few other places I’d rather be.

I can’t wait to feel the euphoria again.