I was hazed in the workplace.

It was one of my first professional experiences.

I’ve only told a couple people about it.

I believe it’s important to tell the world about it.

Because I’m sure it’s happening to other people in the workplace.

I was always one of the first people in the office.

I also was often one of the first out.

I worked hard. I got my work done. I put in extra hours. I did my job.

I wanted to get home to my wife.

The one day as I was getting ready to leave, two people came to me and said they needed me to help them with something.

I obliged.

It kept me around for an extra half hour or hour.

It’s not the end of the world, but I knew something was fishy.

It turns out they really didn’t need me and just were messing with me.

Welcome to corporate America.

We were on the same team. We should be treating each other like it.

I was young. I was naive.

I didn’t realize this type of stuff happened in the workplace.


I thought everybody in the workplace was nice. I thought everybody was like me.

It turns out I was wrong.

The corporate world scarred me. Those people hurt me for no reason.

I’ll never forget the two people who did this to me.

Kind people don’t haze people.

I left shortly after.

I won’t be around those types of people.

I have too much self-respect and no tolerance for nonsense.