I’ve run 4 marathons and am running my 5th on October 10th – the Chicago Marathon.

After that I’d like to run the two other majors held in the United States – Boston and New York.

Marathon training is long. It’s hard. It’s time-consuming. It’s physically, mentally, and emotionally draining.

But I love it. It’s who I am.

I’ve been running for a long time. Only recently have I decided to dedicate my life to it and take training seriously.

What a difference.

Marathon training isn’t sustainable forever – at least not when you’re training to compete not just finish.

While I’m healthy, strong, and in my prime, I’m going to see what I got. I’m going to give it a go and see how far I can go.

If I continue to get better, which I firmly believe I can and will, I’m going to stick with it and keep going.

Dream big. Who knows what can happen, right?

If my performance plateaus or declines, then I’ll just back off and run because I love it and not for competition.

No matter how my running future plays out, running has forever changed me and my life. Running saved me. Running saved my life.