I’m a 32-year-old first generation college graduate from an impoverished, dying, two stoplight town of approximately 3,000 people.

I feel behind.

I’m still learning to navigate life.

I’m figuring it out.

I’m exploring what’s available, what’s out there, and what the world has to offer.

I’m pursuing different opportunities.

I’m living.

I’m experiencing.

I’m meeting new people.

I’m gaining new perspectives.

I’m learning.

I still have a lot to learn.

I’m a work in progress.

I’m trying to do better for myself.

I’m spreading my wings and am learning to fly.

I will fly. I will fly high.

And if it sounds like I have a chip on my shoulder, I do.

I have something to prove.

Regardless of the outcome, I’ve already made it and am already successful.