I’ll preface this by saying I love business and love investing.

I was naive.

I thought everybody was like me.

I thought people were honest and caring. I thought people had big hearts and wanted to help. I thought people were pure and had good intentions. I thought people were fair and reasonable.

It turns out I was wrong.

It’s taken me a while to realize it – too long.

I wanted to believe all people are good.

It turns out people care more about money than being good.

Money drives people and the business world.

Businesspeople act out of self-interest. Businesspeople are selfish and greedy. Businesspeople are money hungry and power seeking. Businesspeople are pigs.

Money and power run the world.

I love business. I don’t love greedy people.

I need money. I don’t love money.

Money is a means to an end. I know enough when I see it.

I know business. I am a businessperson.

But I’m not like you.

No matter how hard I tried to be like you, I could never be like you.

I tried to fit in. I don’t fit in.

Because I have a heart and a conscience.

I refuse to play your game. I’ll take my ball and go play my own game.