My marathon training philosophy has changed.

In the past I’ve said I’d rather be undertrained and healthy than overtrained and injured.

My thoughts have changed.

Maybe I came up with this theory because I didn’t want to put in the extra time, do the extra work, and run extra miles. Maybe I was afraid to get injured.

Let me tell you, the extra miles matter. The extra work matters.

When we get deep into the race, the extra miles show up for us. They show up when we need it most.

We still will be tired, hurting, and uncomfortable. We may hit a wall.

But we’re used to it. We’re more comfortable with it. Because we’re more prepared. Because we’ve put ourselves through the wringer. We’ve learned to endure the pain and suffering.

We build endurance by enduring. We build strength and toughness by practicing and training.

The extra miles pay off. The hard work pays.

Prepare more. Do the extra work. We’ll be stronger and better for it. We’ll be more confident plus see it in our results.

Dig deep in training. We’ll be ready to dig deep in the race and life.

Go for it. Go big in training. Go big in the race. Go big in life.