This morning I got one of those calls we never want to get.

When I saw the name, I got a weird feeling in my stomach.

I could almost feel something was wrong.

It was an unusual time for her to be calling.

It was my wife.

She was crying.

A car hit Meg while she was on her way to work this morning.

Thankfully she walked away.

It could’ve been a lot worse.

Air bags deployed.

The police officer said her car is probably totaled.

She just paid her car off. It’s funny how life works, isn’t it?

This is not a post for pity and sympathy.

This post is to shine light on a badass woman.

Meg could have gone home, laid down, and rested.

She insisted on going to school.

I drove her and dropped her off.

My wife is tough. She is strong. She has endurance.

I can run as many miles and marathons as I want, and I’ll never even come close to being as tough as Meg.

Meg is loyal. When she commits, she commits.

She’s selfless, service minded, and the ultimate team player. She puts the good of the whole ahead of herself. You want Meg on your team.

She shows up for her school, her community, and most importantly the kids that light her up inside – the ones she couldn’t stop talking about last night.

Meg is a leader. She leads by example. Her actions do the talking. This morning is proof.

On a side note, Meg was more concerned about the 16-year-old girl who hit her than herself.

Meg is a badass wife, family member, friend, educator, and human.

I’m blessed to call this badass my wife and best friend.

Life happens. When it does, be a badass like Meg.